Northern Beaches Outdoor FurnitureIf you haven’t already guessed, we love spending time outdoors especially with friends, family and a few coldies. In fact, it’s because we love entertaining with friends so much that I was inspired to create a built-in ice bucket in our table, The Palmy – so we didn’t have to keep running inside each time our glasses needed a top up; or worse, settle for a hot beer because it’s been sitting out in the sun all afternoon. Yuck!

With just one month left of summer we want to make sure you can still use your backyard space not just in summer but also throughout winter. Best of all, it’s surprisingly easy and costs very little to give your backyard or entertaining area a whole new look. Check out our tips for turning your backyard into an oasis.

Invest in quality outdoor furniture:  The furniture you choose will set the entire vibe of your space and automatically make it a sociable and fun space to be in.  This is the most important aspect of your entertaining area, you don’t want something that starts to rust and fall apart after one year. It should be hardwearing, as it’ll be exposed to the elements a lot more. You can learn more about caring for your outdoor furniture here.

Northern Beaches Outdoor FurnitureTable wares: If you want to add a bit more luxe to your outdoor area, don’t just bring out plastic cups and plates.   Brighten up the area with bright coloured bowls and you can’t go past platters of cheese and fruit.

An outdoor kitchen: This is remarkably easy to do, and you’ll be pleased to know, it spruces up your outdoor area almost immediately. Enclose your barbecue with cupboards and bench tops, which are practical on so many levels (storing all your barbecue implements and junk in thecupboards makes the space look tidier, while you’ve now got more space to prepare your barbecued feasts!)

Projector: You might think this requires a big, spacious backyard, but, in fact, it doesn’t. It works really great in courtyards because it makes use of the many bare walls by giving you something to look at. All it requires is some white paint and a projector, which you can buy relatively cheaply these days. Then all you have to do is set it up to work with your laptop, and you can Netflix and chill!

Remember, though, the key to an outdoor area that looks great year round, is stylish outdoor furniture that’s also hardwearing. All of Le Bench’s outdoor tables and bench seats are made from the highest quality materials ensure you’re entertaining area looks great and stays that way.   Check out our website or visit our showroom to see more.