Sydney Outdoor Dining – because we love dining outdoors especially in Sydney with some friends, family and a few coldies. We have built and sourced the best outdoor furniture and accessories to make the experience more enjoyable and stylish .. just perfect for Australia and our Northern beaches lifestyle!

Because we love entertaining with friends so much we were inspired to create a built-in ice bucket in our table! Most of our outdoor tables have the option of adding a built in ice bucket.

Sydney Outdoor DiningInvest in quality outdoor furniture: The furniture you choose will set the entire vibe of your space and automatically make it a sociable and fun space to be in. This is the most important aspect of your entertaining area, you don’t want something that starts to rust and fall apart after one year. Outdoor furniture should be hard-wearing and last a long time. Add a stylish recycled wooden shelf to store your accessories and to place candles!

Outdoor dining: can be comfortable and stylish. Invest is some quality outdoor cushions and throws, add some luxury outdoor candles and outdoor table wear for that ultimate Sydney experience!

Sydney Outdoor Furniture