Sleek pine bookshelves from old staircases and smart garden benches from unloved palings – it’s a passion to see the timber live on that inspires Sydney furniture maker Pete Gardiner.

Reclaimed decking joists, reclaimed stair stringers, old palings, Oregon house frames – every plank and joint tells a story of rejuvenation.

‘I own a building company and during renovations would remove amazing pieces of timber,” Pete said. “Rather than throw these away I felt they could be re-used to create unique pieces of furniture.”


Among the unique creations by his new furniture design label Le Bench are a barn style table and chairs made from decking reclaimed from a Clontarf house on Sydney’s northern beaches.

“This was wire-brushed to remove the rotten wood and the frames of the table and chairs are made from marine-grade stainless steel.”
He managed to craft an iron bark table made from fence palings from the same house, he said.

Unwanted palings from a block of flats in Manly are incorporated into other treasures. Precious hardwood is buffed to house mirrors guaranteed to last a new owner’s lifetime.
pallets and palings 2

Pete and wife Nicola will be displaying their unique furniture range at the Green Cities Conference, taking place 17 – 19 March in Melbourne.

“We operate where we live on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and so we take inspiration from the relaxed beach lifestyle,” Pete said.

“We are proud that all our furniture is handmade here in Australia. We even source our hardware from local small businesses.”
For additional material please contact Pete Gardiner on (+61 456 094 311)